Private Concierge Care, Crisis Management, and Intervention for clients at all stages of life

Every crisis presents an opportunity to heal, grow, and repair. SBC Global provides individuals in need of recovery, as well as their families, the structure, safety, and support to make the most of that opportunity. 

A global network with anchors in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, London, Dubia, Sweden and France with 150 Coaches / Companions worldwide, including Italy, Ireland, and Australia.

Founded by Natasha Silver Bell in 2012, SBC Global is equipped to handle crises of any nature. Arising from Natasha’s belief that growth and healing flourish in safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental environments, SBC unites personal, individual support with top-of-the-line clinical care and expertise.

Mental health disorders such as substance abuse and eating disorders are progressive in nature and terminal if left untreated. SBC believes as long as there is life to be lived there is hope for recovery.

Every crisis presents an opportunity to heal, grow, and repair. SBC provides individuals in need of recovery and their families the structure, safety, and support to make the most of this opportunity. SBC meets clients and families where they are, literally and figuratively, with an evidence-based, client-forward, clinically supervised, one-on-one approach.

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Mental Health Recovery Coaching

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Out of adversity comes growth and healing

SBC creates and facilitates a curated healing plan for each client based on individual needs, circumstances, and goals. A client’s healing plan encompasses clinical and therapeutic care providers such as doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, etc., in partnership with an SBC LifeTeam Manager. Healing plans may include a Recovery Coach and 24/7 or full-service Companion Care.

SBC LifeTeam Managers coordinate each aspect of a client’s healing plan, ensuring communication flow among team members and guiding the process toward a common goal; this is a client’s LifeTeam.

SBC’s customized approach integrates personal, one-on-one Coaching/Companion support with a clinical care team providing physiological/psychological treatment and expertise.

"Perhaps I am stronger than I think."

Thomas Merton

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