Mind, Body, Healing: Natasha Silver Bell on the Role of Spirituality in Recovery

In the “Mind, Body, Healing” episode, Natasha Silver Bell shares her recovery journey and how it inspired SilverBell Coaching’s holistic approach to substance use and mental health issues. The discussion stresses breaking generational trauma patterns and maintaining work-life balance in recovery.

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SilverBell Coaching has quietly been providing private concierge care, crisis management, and intervention to clients at all stages of life. 

The Hot List 2023 - The Hottest Recovery and Transformation Resource

SilverBell Coaching (SBC Global) is known for its exceptional commitment to discreet healing, family support, and seamless reintegration care.

Second Chances

Wellington resident Natasha Silver Bell offers coaching recovery services for those in need.

Conversation Starters for Parents and Kids About Fentanyl and Addiction

The late weeks of summer are bittersweet: Final swims in the lake are cheered by the arrival of autumn apples, and the first glimpses of incendiary fall foliage brighten fading sunburns from beach days past.

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Certified Life and Recovery Coach Natasha Silver Bell helps clients find and realise their authentic self wherever they are on their life journey.

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Mothers Find a Helping Hand in Sobriety Coaches by Marisa Fox.


REACT TO FILM Screening Highlights Prescription Pill Abuse Epidemic By Bettina Zilkha “Prescription drug abuse is the leading killer of our teens now, accidental overdose. 90% of addictions begin in the teenage years. One in six people in the United States is an addict.”

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SilverBell Coaching Overview. If you could improve one relationship in your life, what would it be? If you could move through your fears, what would change in your life? SBC helps you find your authentic self wherever you are on your journey of life.

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