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Natasha Silver Bell developed SBC LifeTeams, SilverBell Coaching’s unique healing methodology, based on more than a decade of experience working in the field and informed by her own recovery story. SBC’s philosophy of care centres around the creative partnership between clinicians and SBC Coaches. Since its inception in 2012, SBC has embodied this distinctive approach, motivating clients through each stage of their process and guiding them into a life of sustained, long-term recovery.

The SBC Global LifeTeam comprises over 150 professional Coaches and Companions worldwide with LifeTeam Managers, Nutritional Therapists, Wellness Practitioners, and Executive Function experts working in partnership with our clinical resource bank of Behavioural Health Professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, and Diagnostic Clinicians.

Natasha Silver Bell

Founder | CEO

Lily Magill

Lead LifeTeam Manager, UK

Evie Donald

Business Development Manager, UK

Aaron Gershenson

Co-Founder, SBC Townhouse

Courtney Turcotte

Director of Special Events

Tony Dominguez

Lead LifeTeam Manager, Sweden

Mary Gilmer

Recovery Specialist, Dubai

"The gift of creating ourselves again lies within us forever."

Thomas Merton

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