Natasha Silver Bell

Founder and CEO

As CEO and founder of SilverBell Coaching LLC, Natasha Silver Bell has been a driving force in transforming the recovery landscape. An established expert in substance-use disorder and recovery for over a decade, Natasha has grown SilverBell Coaching into the global leader it is today. SBC’s global headquarters are in New York City, with anchors in London and Dubai.

SBC’s 150 coaches collaborate with best-of-class clinicians to bring long-term sustained recovery to clients of all ages worldwide. In recovery since 2008, Natasha utilises the life-saving qualities that sustained her healing journey in her work with others: tenacity, courage, compassion, and faith.

“Meeting clients and family with unconditional understanding and hope, Natasha’s singular magic creates willingness.” – SBC client

A trusted source for post-rehab/detox referrals and support, SBC taps the same wellspring from which all health and recovery flourish: partnership, connection, and growth. As a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats, Natasha is dedicated to expanding the recovery services and science field through the mentorship of up-and-coming professionals and rigorous case study outcomes and analyses.

In addition to her groundbreaking work at SilverBell Coaching, Natasha co-founded The SBC Townhouse, New York City, a bespoke, action-oriented residence facilitating concierge treatment programmes. Along with Dr. Rami Kaminski, Integrative Psychiatrist, and Thad Turner, US Navy Seal, Natasha created Due North Quest, an intensive and fully customisable programme providing young men in search of direction with a highly structured, eye-opening, and life-changing experience. In addition, Natasha helped found Youth Prevention Mentors (YPM), a fast-growing organisation focused on mitigating risk and increasing the prevention of substance abuse among teenagers.

Most recently, Natasha co-founded the Inservice Foundation with two SBC alumni to provide a path to long-term, sustainable recovery to individuals without the resources for SBC-level recovery care.

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” – Maya Angelou

Natasha sits on the board of the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (NCADD) and is an Ambassador for Partnership to End Addiction where she was honoured in 2017 at the Partnership to End Addiction Winter Wish Gala in New York City.

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