The SBC Way

A friend asked me the other day, “what sets SBC apart? In the world of transformational healing and recovery—where there are so many options, programs, and systems —what is the specific miracle of SBC?”

I answered, “the miracle is in the client. SBC is just the wand,” …but as I consider her question more deeply, a few other thoughts come to mind.

I chose the term SBC LifeTeam because it describes how I see our work: we bring Life back, as a Team. When I stop to reflect, it’s no wonder LifeTeams have been called saints, angels, miracle workers. We approach with empathy, hope, dignity– a total lack of judgment– and the impact is nothing sort of grace. And while we are indisputably human and flawed, the chemistry between a family and an SBC LifeTeam can indeed be sublime–and it is no accident. A LifeTeam is as carefully selected as a gemstone is to its precious gold setting.

When SBC LifeTeams partner with families, the impossible becomes possible. SBC LifeTeams build trust. We lead with compassion; neither overly assertive nor intrusive, we allow clients and families to show up exactly as they are. The light of truth can be so frighteningly bright; people try to extinguish it by self-sabotage. The winds of change can threaten to blow one over. SBC LifeTeams act as anchors, giving stability in the rough seas of discomfort, fear, and unease.

Think of an injured limb: when a cast is in place, the bone heals, and then we start physical therapy. The body has to be held securely in place before it can do the work of building strength and increasing range of motion. SBC LifeTeams are the cast, the physical therapist, and the friend who comes with you to appointments.

So if I had to answer again, I’d say: yes, SBC LifeTeams have skills, training, certifications, and degrees—all solid, meaningful, invaluable qualifications. And yet, it is our powerful inspiration that ignites a LifeTeam’s work. Together, we create a desire to heal and grow. Together, we design a space of limitless possibility, illuminated by the bright light of transformation.

In Service,