The SBC Community was created to help combat isolation with connection, a vital tenet of the SBC philosophy of care. SBC Community members explore, learn and grow together in a discreet, safe, and inclusive peer-led forum. SBC alums, clients, coaches, and invited allies can participate in curated programming highlighting different healing modalities, all among non-judgmental, like-minded fellows.

SBC Community Events foster shared experience, expanding the world into which members of the SBC Community continue to flourish and thrive.

The SBC Community is a hub for spiritual seekers. Curated workshops, discussion groups, forums, visiting speakers, daily yoga/mind-body practice, and special events provide members with a safe, inclusive space for spiritual growth, connection, and expansion.

Guided by expert practitioners/facilitators, the SBC Community provides further avenues to build a strong mind/body/spirit connection alongside others seeking to do the same. A sample of SBC Community gatherings include:


Yoga Nidra


Gratitude Practice

Processioning Groups

Book Discussion

Yin Yoga

Sound Baths

SBC Community Code of Ethics

  1. SBC Community members ensure the SBC Community space remains safe and discreet. To protect SBC Community members’ privacy,
  2. SBC Community members shall uphold one another’s anonymity in all spaces outside of SBC.
  3. Anonymity of SBC members further pertains to the content shared within any one specific meeting or event. The sanctity of our space rests upon the discretion of SBC Community members.
  4. The SBC Community serves as an aspect of and vital supplement to recovery and is not to be used for networking, solicitations, and/or favours of any kind.
  5. This agreement and acknowledgement between our SBC Community members and SilverBell Coaching LLC ensure trust and confidence among Community members. The confidential and proprietary information, along with our members’ confidentiality and personal information, must not be shared or disclosed outside of the SBC Community.
  6. Any breach in the SBC code of ethics will result in removal from the community.

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them."


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