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A fervent believer in passing along to others the opportunities she herself was given, Natasha has carved out a reputation as a mentor by empowering and championing those with whom she works. Under Natasha’s guidance, SBC Coaches and Signature Team members have made significant contributions to the recovery field.

Residential Recovery Concierge Living in New York City

A safe space for those seeking to better themselves, SBC Townhouse is an elevated, action-oriented residence. SBC Townhouse creates and facilitates a curated program for each client based on individual needs, circumstances, and goals.

For inquiries, please contact SBC Townhouse Co-Founder:

Empowering & Activating Young Adults

YPM (Youth Prevention Mentors) is an inspired group of accredited mentors,
counselors, and clinicians working in collaboration with families to mentor
adolescents and young adults struggling to thrive, whether from behavioral
issues, trauma, or the pressures of growing up in today’s world.

For inquiries, please contact YPM Co-Founder:

Due North Quest

Along with Dr. Rami Kaminski, Integrative Psychiatrist, and Thad Turner, US Navy Seal, Natasha is a co-founder of Due North Quest, an intensive and fully customisable program designed to provide young men in search of direction with a highly structured, eye-opening, and life-changing experience. Due North Quest aims to create a legion of future role models affecting change on a greater scale. At Due North Quest, “the journey makes the man.”

Natasha has opened her family ranch to SBC clients who might benefit from its wide-open spaces, endless blue skies beautiful terrain. Homesteaded by her ancestors in 1862, The Pioneer Ranch Montana has continuously been in Natasha’s family. Sharing the Pioneer Ranch honours the spirit of Natasha’s fearless predecessors and the courage of SBC’s clients.

Inservice Foundation

Having each experienced significant personal transformation, founder Natasha Silver Bell, along with SBC alumns Phillipe Grinstein, and Aaron Gershenson, created Inservice Foundation, a 501-(c)(3), to provide comparable opportunities for transformational change to individuals and families for whom the traditionally high cost of customized recovery-care solutions has been prohibitive.

Inservice is inspiration: to help others access the recovery they deserve.
Inservice is a vision: to create a world where addiction is not an affliction.
Inservice is an opportunity: to become part of our endeavor to be in service to those in need.
Read more about Inservice Foundation on The Bell.

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”


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