Aaron Gershenson

Co-Founder, SBC Townhouse

Aaron Gershenson was well into a successful career in real estate when he heeded the call to enter the healing and wellness space. As a founder and managing director of Arivvd, a fully integrated mental health solution, Aaron brings considerable experience as a life advisor to a sophisticated clientele looking for untraditional paths to recovery. Arivvd’s recently launched Generational Wealth and Succession Consulting arm engages clients on a constellation of wealth management issues through the transformative lens of family systems and relationship building.

Aaron’s personal recovery journey gives him unique insight into the challenges and pressures many of his clients face. This intimate knowledge, coupled with certification from the University of Pennsylvania in Positive Psychology, enables Aaron to inspire and empower clients worldwide.

Committed to creating opportunities for people to heal, grow and thrive, Aaron co-founded Inservice Foundation with Natasha Silverbell to address the gulf between those who might benefit from fully customised recovery solutions and those who can afford them.

A CCAR Recovery coach and Level 1 Sober Coach, Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate from NYU and certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, Aaron is currently an MBA candidate at the Ross School of Business at Michigan University.

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